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Łącznik sztywny Typ 606‑AS


  • WaterMark

  • Eliminuje konieczność lutowania i zgrzewania

  • Dostępny w rozmiarach DN50 –DN200 | 2–8"

  • Ciśnienia do 355psi | 2448 kPa | 24bar

  • Uszczelka z aprobatą WRAS

Typ sztywny
Producent: Victaulic

Opis produktu


Łącznik sztywny Typ 606‑AS

Available Sizes

  • 2 – 8"/DN50 – DN200


  • Sizes consistent with Australian Standard copper tubing.

Pipe Material

  • Joins Types B and D Australian Standard copper tubing in accordance with AS 1432. Maximum Working Pressure
  • 260 psi/1790 kPa/17.9 bar
  • Working pressure dependent on material, wall thickness and size of pipe. Operating Temperature
  • –30°F to +250°F/–34°C to +110°C


  • Exclusively for use with fittings, valves, accessories and pipe which feature ends formed with the Australian Standard Copper Groove profile (see section 7.0 for Reference Materials).
  • Provides a rigid pipe joint designed to restrict axial and angular movement on copper tubing.
  • This product is specifically designed to join roll grooved Types B and D Australian Standard AS 1432 copper tubing.


Product Attachments

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