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QuickVic™ Rigid Coupling - Style 107H


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Victaulic® QuickVic™ Rigid Coupling for Steel - Style 107H

Type Rigid
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Manufacturer: Victaulic



Available Sizes

• 2 – 8"/50 – 200 mm

Pipe Material

• Carbon steel;

Stainless steel Maximum Working Pressure

• Accommodates pressures ranging from full vacuum (29.9 in Hg/760 mm Hg) up to 750 psi/5200 kPa.

• Working pressure dependent on material, wall thickness and size of pipe.

Operating Temperature

• Dependent on gasket selection from section 3.0. For alternate gasket materials available, reference Submittal 05.01: Victaulic Gasket Selection Guide. Function

• Joins carbon steel and/or stainless steel pipe.

• Provides a rigid pipe joint designed to restrict axial or angular movement.

Pipe Preparation

• Original Groove System (OGS), Cut Grooved, Roll Grooved Codes and Requirements

• Hanger support spacing corresponds to ASME B31.1 Power Piping Code and ASME B31.9 Building Services Piping Code.


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