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Pipe Preparation Tools

Victaulic® was the first to develop roll grooving tools in the 1950’s and continues to lead the industry in developing tools that make the job faster and easier to install. Victaulic was the first company to receive approval for use of grooved pipe on fire protection systems.

Victaulic offers a variety of tools for pipe preparation, cutting holes, in-place repairs and system maintenance

Roll groove shown on Schedule 40 steel pipe. The small dimple created on the interior pipe wall does not significantly affect pressure or flow.

In our offer you will find the following tools: Field Portable Roll Grooving Tools, Field Fabrication Roll Grooving Tools, Plant/Shop Fabrication Roll Grooving Tools, Cut Grooving Tools, Vic-Press™ Tools, Hole Cutting Tools, Tool Accessories.

Our shop also offers the possibility of renting Pipe Preparation Tools, please contact for more details.

Pipe Preparation Tools